The Haunting of Highdown Hall Psychic surveys series Book 1 by Shani Struthers

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So here we are and welcome to my first blog post on Beyond the Veil. I had to start with this series by the truly awesome Shani Struthers. I say had to because i read the first one, this one, and was hooked! So then spent the next month or so having a total #Shanifest as i devoured every one of the books. Including all of the novellas. They really are a must read for lovers of the paranormal genre.

Psychic surveys was set up originally by Ruby Davies. A young woman who just wants to use her gift for good. To help restless spirits and troubled homeowners alike so they can all get their problems sorted and move on, each on their own path.

In the Haunting of Highdown hall, we meet Ruby and her team, Ness, Theo & Corinna. They are called in by the new owner of the hall who is getting annoyed, irritated & fed up of not being able to live in it properly. The whole of the first floor appears to have been taken over by the spirit of a previous owner, Cynthia Hart. An actress who had her heyday in the 1950’s and made this hall her home. Cynthia is angry, extremely angry and the team are employed to find out why and help her deal with the issue and move into the light.

As the story progresses, Ruby has a chance meeting with Cash. Cash soon becomes a permanent  fixture in the life of Ruby and her team.

This story has a bit of everything, the paranormal, an investigative element, a touch of romance and intrigue. The author has written a brilliant, well paced novel that draws you in from page 1. I kid you not, it really does! It is written with such a flowing style that it doesn’t take any effort to get sucked in and drawn into the whole, fabulous saga of The Psychic Surveys investigations. The main thread is the one of Cynthia Hart, but this is not just a one trick pony, oh no! This has so many other little stories going on, that are perfectly blended together, that it provides a depth to the book that can often be missing in other examples of the genre.

I love the fact that as the series progresses we find out more and more about each member of the team, each novella is focussed on a particular member and gives you, the reader, an insight into their backgrounds and personalities. A chance to find out what shaped them, whats happened in their past to make them as they are and how they have all ended up together. But more of that in future posts as like i said, i’ve read the whole lot!

If you pick this up, i guarantee you wont be disappointed. And i’l tell you something else, each book gets better and better, i don’t know how Shani manages it as when i finished each one i thought “That’s it. That’s the best”….and you get where i’m going with this.





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