Nature of the Witch by Helen Norwood

Nature of the Witch

Nature of the Witch by Helen Norwood

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The Synopsis:

Many years ago, magic prevailed in Britain. It was a time when chosen women followed a path forged by Mother Nature herself; a time of witchcraft, of the brotherhood of the Gwithiaz and of the terrifying Creatures.

This has all passed from memory a long time ago. But now, magic has returned. Kiera is the first witch the world has seen in centuries, while Jack must learn the ways of the Gwithiaz. They must not only master their crafts, but also overcome their differences and work together if they are to survive the dark enemy that lurks in the shadows.

In the rugged Cornish landscape where it first began, the two face the dreaded Kasadow: an ancient evil that has awakened and is ready to destroy them, and their magic, once and for all.

The thoughts of VeilysReviews:

It’s been a while since i’ve read anything fantastical, involving witches/wizards and the like. So i was extremely excited when this one showed up in my inbox for a blog tour. Of course i was going to say yes! The cover alone caught my eye ( i do love a bit of purple!)

So, where do we start? The book is set in Cornwall. A lot around Tintagel, and i’ve never been to either. However, it didn’t take much to imagine the beautiful beaches, lush grass and sparkling seas by the time this author had finished. Excellent descriptions transport you there.

We start off approx 20 years before the main story takes place, where we meet Jack and Kitto. The last of the Gwithiaz. A race that died out centuries before when their services were no longer needed. And their service i hear you ask? The Gwithiaz were protectors of the Witches. Specifically a coven known as The Daughters of the Earth. The last true coven. They were to protect their wards from the Kasadow, the only thing known to be able to kill them and the most horrific of ways. So if the Witches, Kasadow & Gwithiaz died out, why are they here now? Why have they been brought back? This is where, 20 years later, we meet Keira.

Keira is a twenty something year old woman. Recently moved to Cornwall to fulfil her last promise to her beloved Dad before his death. Taking a walk around Tintagel castle on her birthday, she has a strange and bizarre experience. Little does she know the real reason for it, and boy, is she in for a shock when she finds out what it all means. Meet Mags, a little old lady who comes to her door and, after a brief visit, they both end up leaving together as thanks to Keira, neither she nor her neighbours have anywhere to live. There will be more mistakes and mishaps along the way, but this is a real doozey!

The story revolves around these four main characters. Keira learning to control her new powers, whilst coming to terms with what she’s discovered about herself. As well as dealing with her fathers death and contemplating her life in a then and now way.

After a while Keira is introduced to Jack, her own Gwithiaz. It’s fair to say it’s not love at first sight. But they each are resolved to get along for the sake of their mentors. Their relationship is explored and developed as the story goes on. And as their fates become more intertwined so do their complications and feelings. Jack is a strong character, steady and sure and definitely someone whom i would want looking after me. Kitto is lovely! I really did like the image portrayed by Helen here. A slightly eccentric elderly uncle who loves life. Keira is a lonely figure. Orphaned, alone, no friends since her move. She appears quite reserved when we first meet her. Fixated on the past and more importantly, her father. She finds the transition into her new life a welcome distraction, but it doesn’t quell her desires altogether.

I thought the book had a great pace. An extremely interesting storyline, and a unique take on the whole witch story. something different. I don’t know how many of you have seen or watched a tv show called Once upon a time… but if you have, this is without a doubt THE book for you! It just reminded me of that whilst i was reading. It’s fun, quirky, good story. well paced and has characters that come alive. I particularly love the idea of tree sprites. I so want them to be real…. I’d recommend this book to anyone who loves a bit of fantasy fiction, witches, guardians & magic. A great story that has been well executed and i cannot wait for the sequel.

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Author Bio:

Helen lives in the UK with her husband, two children and one diva-like cat called Tiger. Helen, like many others, was captivated in her childhood by books from the likes of Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton and any books which took her to new worlds and showed her places of magic and mystery. She has enjoyed writing and creating her own magical worlds from a young age. She is currently writing the second book in the ‘Nature of the Witch’ trilogy which will be out soon.

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