The Belch Park Field Trip by Andrew Mackay

The Belch Park Field Trip

(Chrome Junction Academy Series book 3)

by Andrew Mackay

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Henry Williams has never been a leader.
Or stood up to the bullies.
Or kissed the girl of his dreams.

In fact, he’s never stood out from the school crowd.

Mind you, he’s only twelve years-old.
And a foot shorter than his classmates.

All that will change today, though.

The school inspectors are visiting Chrome Junction Academy.
The principal needs to get rid of the cream of the cr@p!
He would have preferred to send them to another galaxy far, far away…

Instead, the obnoxious, high-on-energy-drinks brats are off to…


Roller coasters! Mega-drop towers! Ghost trains! Ferris wheels! Bumper cars!

No end of opportunities for fun, thrills and spills!
The perfect place to run rampant and enjoy themselves…

But wait!

South London’s notorious Our Lady of Sacrifice Roman Catholic school is also there.
They’re Chrome Junction Academy’s natural enemy.
Oh bugger


Limbs will break…
Dares will result in irreparable damage…
The innocent will be caught in the crossfire…
Even the park may not survive

Henry’s destiny awaits…

Chrome Junction Academy’s underdog must step up… and grow a pair.

He’ll have to ensure the safety of his friends.
Fend off the bigger, badder kids.
and get them out of Belch Park in one piece!

The thoughts of Veilys Reviews

What first attracted me to this book? Well clearly, the cover. Bright, eye-catching and amusing. A definite crowd pleaser.

I fancied this as a bit of a change, i wanted a break from the darker stuff (it’s often needed as i’m sure you’ll agree) And this fitted the bill.

It’s a fun and frank read, no holds barred, nothing is out of bounds. An easy writing style is enough to draw you in and keep you engrossed. or just plain grossed in general… I haven’t actually read the first two in this series, however, it doesn’t affect the readability of it, i found it worked fine as a standalone anyway.

The school inspectors are due at the school. As with any and all schools, the last thing the Head and school board want the inspectors to see are THOSE kids. The trouble causers. jokers and downright despicable human beings who are in actual fact a stain on humanity. So what do you do with them? Easy…get them out of and as far away as possible from the school. In this instance, the unfortunate venue is Belch Park, an amusement park full of white knuckle rides and (for these kids) opportunities.

Throw into the mix another school on a field trip there, and all hell lets loose. To be honest, even the devil would run from this lot! As war breaks out, we are given dares & injuries galore, in full and glorious technicolour. After reading this, you are sure to never look at a roller coaster in the same way again.

Well written in the authors own distinctive and inimitable style, it’s gross nastiness and honest words wont be for everyone. If you are easily offended, don’t have a sense of humour or are of a weak constitution, then this is definitely not for you. For the rest of you weirdys, like me, then go ahead…fill your boots and enjoy! I shall be going back to read the first couple of books now, get to know these characters better. Yes, i am THAT brave.

The Belch Park Field Trip (Kindle Cover)


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About the author

Andrew Mackay

Some authors are afraid to cross the line.

Me? Oh, I’m glad you asked! I make “the line” my starting point…

My brand is satire.

I hop between genres like madman on crack because my razor-sharp literary knife is hungry for political and social commentary. One genre just can’t cut it (if you’ll forgive the pun.) I’m obsessed, I tell you!

I write straight-up humor and farce, horror, crime, romance… all under the banner of satire.

My novels often contain a ruthless commentary on society, delving into the darker machinations of modern life. They can be uproarious, funny, outrageous and shocking. Make no mistake, though. They are this way for a reason, and always come equipped with a sense of humanity and wit.

My influences include John Cleese, Tom Sharpe, Kurt Vonnegut, James Patterson, Hunter S Thompson, Douglas Adams, Imogen Edwards-Jones, Michael Frayn, Chris Morris, Jerry Sadowitz, Christopher Hitchins, Bill Maher, George Carlin, Jordan Peterson, Pat Condell, and writer/director Larry Cohen.

My obsessions include (and are essentially limited to) obscene amounts of: smoking, drugs, alcohol, caffeine, sex, debating, daydreaming and writing about himself in the third person.

To find out more about this author, and to keep up to date with whats going on, just click on the links below:

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