Beneath the Whispers by Jim ody


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Beneath The Whispers:

The Book Blurb:

Genevieve Deboise is too good for Scott Dean. He’s always known that. It isn’t a shock to learn she is cheating on him.
What is a surprise is bumping into his childhood sweetheart in the woods where he’d planned to take solace in his heartbreak and bruised ego.

But running into Mary-Ann Jennings isn’t exactly the fairy tale it might seem.
Instead, his first love needs his help finding a USB stick that has fallen into the wrong hands. Now in the cellar of Genevieve’s new lover, Scotty must confront his feelings for both women in order to retrieve the missing USB stick.
On a quest to confront his past and locate Mary-Ann’s property, he journeys through the whispers that have always surrounded him.

Love will make you do crazy things.
But is it enough to get beneath the whispers?

Veilys Thoughts:

I do adore a good Jim Ody story. This is an author whom i have a lot of respect for, and i’m a big fan of his work. So i do get excited each time i’m made aware of a new release. Beneath the whispers is this latest offering, and by God is it good! You, ladies and gentlemen are in for a real treat!

This is a novella that i could see being expanded upon and out of it an amazing full length book. However, what you actually have is an amazing 114 page novella.

This book starts off shrouded in mystery. An air of tension permeates each and every page. It only has a small cast of characters. Small and each one beautifully written with an intensity that grabs you.

We start off with Scotty. A man wallowing in his own self pity. Drowning in beer and John Cusack films after a split from a girl who, by his own admission, was way out of his league. His friends are on a lads holiday and unavailable. His fall back girl, Lucy. Has decided enough is enough and it’s time to say no. What is a man to do in this situation? During a walk through the woods he grew up in, lost in his own thoughts and memories he bumps into his first (and probably only true) love, Mary-Ann. Surprised by this turn of events, he’s even more surprised when asked to accompany her to see her dying Nan, Betsy. Not having seen her for years, and with no real direction for him to go, either literally or with life choices at the moment, Scotty decides he’s nothing to lose.

As if things couldn’t get much stranger, Betsy tells him he needs to find and bring to her ….a USB stick. As i’m sure you can imagine, nothing is ever that straight forward and this particular USB stick is currently in the possession of Guy. The man his ex left him for. And it has to be HIM to be the one to do it. Not only that, he’s told to take Freddie with him. Freddie being 13 years old and a member of the family.

Now, bringing all of this together is the wonderful writing of Jim. Jim takes us on a journey that is flowing and well written. I have to say that at no point did i truly guess what was going on, nothing was given away. Just an intriguing and enthralling novella. The characters were brilliantly well thought out. Freddie was by far one of the special people here. The relationship and dialogue between Scotty & Freddie, was thoughtful, deep and funny. The humour was unexpected but added yet another dimension to the tale.

I honestly, loved this. I read it in one sitting, and for me, with all the other stuff going on, is no mean feat. But i lost myself in it. I just kept reading without realising how the time had flown. In my own opinion this is probably my favourite Jim Ody story. It stayed with me after i finished it and couldn’t help going over it all in my mind for days afterwards. It left me with a feeling of excitement and that i’d just read something special.

It’s for books like this that make me read indie/self-published authors. You never know when you are going to find that diamond in the rough. THIS is that diamond. If you haven’t read any by this author before then what have you got too lose? A short novella, that is a brilliant introduction to this authors inimitable & unique style.

In fact……i have to award this a #VeilysReviewTopRead Only the second time this year i’ve given one. I hope you all enjoy as much as i did.

Goodreads rating: 5/5


About the Author:  Jim Ody

Jim was first published in an English School Textbook in 1987. He won a competition to draw a dog-walking machine. Having won an art competition the year before, he felt that at the age of eleven he had peaked and consequently retired from the world of art.

For 10 years Jim wrote for a number of websites reviewing and interviewing bands in his own unique way, as well as contributing dark poems and comedic features.

He writes dark psychological/thrillers that have endings that you won’t see coming, and favours stories packed with wit. He has written three novels released through Zombie Cupcake Press and has also contributed to several anthologies. Coming soon is his psychological/mystery ‘Beneath The Whispers’ released by Crazy Ink. He also has short stories appearing in the following anthologies ‘War Paint’, ‘Crazy Fools’, ‘AWOL A.I.’ and ‘The End?’.

Jim has a very strange sense of humour and is often considered a little odd. When not writing he will be found playing the drums, watching football and eating chocolate. He lives with his long-suffering wife and three beautiful children in Swindon, Wiltshire.




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